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“The lifestyle you deserve is within your reach.”

— Annie


I am here as your trainer & fitness program designer.

Whether you need structure in your fitness life, nutritional guidance, or you're starting from ground zero, let's walk together down this road to an empowered you.



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"This challenge has been just what I've needed for so long. It has changed the way I view food & even myself...Almost everything I ate was bad for me & resulted in stomach problems. Since doing this challenge, I've had zero!  . It has made me feel so much better about myself as a whole. Thank you so much Annie Miller!" - CAITLIN



"Overall this program changed everything for me! It was the best $$ I ever spent and worth well more than the cost!!!  I am stronger, feel more energized, happier, feel I can tackle stress on a better level, and just feel more intellectual.  Thank you for all of it!!" - CARRIE



KRISTIN says...

"It was great to learn things that are healthy for me to eat and loose weight. I can see the difference in myself and others are noticing too. In fact Charles' teacher told me I look amazing and asked what I eat and how much I work out.  Thank you Annie for helping me get onto the path of happiness."



Tired of working out with no results?  Take your training to the next level - Train with Purpose.  As a member you'll get educated, calculated programs that provide you with structure in the gym.




Month to Month Strength/Hypertrophy program emailed to you monthly

- Guaranteed Strength Gains

- 4-6 day per week strength & hypertrophy progressive monthly programs

- Member account in the Fitbot app

- Email support

- Facebook BuiltByAnnie support group


7 Month Membership
12 Month Membership

Monthly Personalized program written based on your needs, goals, training history, injury history, time availability + equipment availability.

- One-on-one Weekly check ins (or more - this is an open communication relationship).

- Video analysis of your technique

- Access to Exercise Videos

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