Everything in this post is referring to the 16 oz grande Unicorn Frappuccino exactly how Starbucks baristas will make it if you do not ask for any changes – whole milk + whip.

“The Unicorn Frappuchino will add Magic to your day” – FALSE.


TRUTH – The Unicorn Frappuccino will add well over half your DAILY serving of sugar (59g) + saturated fat (10g) - which is a generous allotment & is too high to begin with + is based on a 2,000 calorie diet.  If you know anything about macronutrients and daily allowances for sugar, you probably did not take part in the consumption of this beverage. #goteam


Not to mention this “magical” frappuccino does NOT even contain caffeine, preventing it from being magical on ANY level {personal bias}.


Now, the purpose of this post is NOT to hate on the Unicorn Frappuccino, it is to hate on MOST Starbucks' frappuccinos + the lack of knowledge around calories, and nutrient dense foods in America.


I would like to point out that the Unicorn Frappuccino is no unhealthier than many of Starbucks’ other “foofoo drinks” as I call them.


And let’s not limit my hatred to Starbucks alone. They are not the only coffee franchise selling creatively named, sugar packed, nutrient lacking, calorie dense, unhealthy beverages…We must give credit where credit is due…Dutch Bro’s may in fact have Starbucks beat in this realm.


Back to the frappuccinos: I’ve laid out a few comparisons for your gag reflexes below:

As pictured above: UNICORN FRAPPUCCINO - CARMEL FRAPPUCCINO, WHITE CHOCOLATE (all 16oz as served unless otherwise requested - from Starbucks' website)

At least you get some caffeine with the others…just sayin’.


When I saw the hype behind the drink, I was slightly enraged…WHY IS THE FOOD INDUSTRY OF AMERICA PRO OBESITY?!?!?! 


You don’t create a flippin' Unicorn sugar bomb of a fat beverage, call it magical and NOT support the obesity epidemic on some level…{sister please}


If you want to drink 410 calories of Sugar and Fat, you go glen co-co, I just ask that you educate yourself before consumption.


I purposely took a trip to my local Starbucks yesterday to ruin the barista’s life and add ONE more Unicorn Frappuccino to her record.  I’m sure she thoroughly enjoyed making an un-Godly number of these {we pray for her}.


As I stood in line…awaiting the embarrassment of ordering my magical beverage, I also decided to snag a protein box, a Siggi’s 0% fat Icelandic Greek Yogurt – my personal favorite brand, + an iced green tea with NO sweetener.



Below you will find photos of my snack (protein box + yogurt + unsweetened tea) and the nutritional breakdown of this snack.


The breakdown: Yogurt + Protein Box (unsweeted green tea not included).

Calories: 120 + 370 = 490kcal

Carbs: 12 + 37 = 49g

Fat: 0+ 19 = 19g

Sat Fat: 0 + 6 = 6g

Sugar: 9 + 18 = 27g

NOTE* I only ate one of the cheese wedges and did not use all of the peanut butter.  (Fat source: peanut butter, cheese and the egg)

This combination is obviously more calories than the unicorn beverage, but guess what my friend.



High consumptions of sugar and saturated fat do that…


You feel where I am going with this?


There is an extreme disconnect in America, especially with the youth, in regards to fueling our bodies.


A calorie is not a calorie! The photos + comparisons prove that. 


People have got to look at the macronutrients – carbs, protein, and fat – and know not only HOW to read a food label, but what that information means for THEIR BODIES and HEALTH.


In the case of the Unicorn Frappuccino or any drink other than a simple latte or coffee, you are “drinking your calories” rather than eating them.  You’re consuming a HIGH calorie beverage over HIGH nutrient dense foods.


This is the main reason I created my 20 Day Challenge two years ago and named it the “NO SUGAR Challenge.”

I wanted people to have KNOWLEDGE – SIMPLE KNOWLEDGE about sugar and basic nutrition DONE RIGHT. {sneak peek of daily challenge videos below...but keep reading!}

I don’t think one size fits all. But I do know that people are uninformed and maybe a little ignorant when it comes to nutrition. {I promise I speak with love}.


So, for less than $1 per day, I invite you from the depths of my soul to invest in your food knowledge and TAKE ACTION to better your health.


Join my upcoming 20 Day Challenge and embrace real sustainable change.  Learn A TON, about fueling your body right, what sugar does to your body, why you need to sleep more, and how simple functional exercise can improve your life on so many levels.


I only have 100 spots available and I am SO PUMPED for this one lady.


Don’t miss the chance to continue this sugar-cation {sugar education} with me for 20 days.  Click here to see details and testimonials and I’ll see you there!


Lastly, I thank the Unicorn Frappuccino for giving me the opportunity to spread some light + education around how we fuel our bodies.

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Let’s just get right to it.

Media is all around us; Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, twitter, snapchat, you name it. You can find any type of woman you want on those platforms right?

Who do you look at as inspiration?  Who do you compare yourself to?

Analyze why you follow certain ladies on social media or look at women in magazines; analyze the thoughts you have about other women and what those thoughts are doing to your perception of YOURSELF.

Let’s talk fitness goals and perception.

For me, it’s lifting weights.  I want to be stronger right?  I look at other Instagram ladies out there putting up all the weight and I am like…WHY? WHY CAN’T I DO THAT?!

Well, I don’t put in enough time or proper recovery, and I don’t train consistently enough…That’s reality.

Comparison is deadly.  You’ve got to keep it real. I am all for using other women as motivation and inspiration.  However, I stand strongly against comparing yourself to others and thinking poorly of where you’re at; physically, spiritually, mentally, career-wise, diy mom-status, WHATEVER. 


Will I be as strong as those ladies someday?  Probably not. Do you know why?

Because I don’t train for powerlifting competitions, I don’t have a consistent work and travel schedule, and I’d rather put an extra hour into running a business than spending an extra hour in the gym or doing active recovery work.

My training serves as “me time,” as a stress relief. I cannot have it add more stress to my life.  You feel me?  If you have ever trained for an event, you know it is not all kicks and giggles. It takes serious TIME, and ENERGY.

I lift relatively heavy and absolutely have numbers that I would like to hit someday.  I also just want to feel strong, like I am making progress and using my body how I feel I should.  The good Lord gave it to me and I happen to like feeling strong. I like having a heavy barbell on my back, and pulling heavy ish off the floor. I like feeling capable of moving my body and pushing it.

Any comparison to other women just breaks me down and robs me of the joy I find in my WHY for working out.  When I am in a good state of mind, I look at those ladies and just appreciate them for the badass lifters that they are.  I appreciate their time and effort and sacrifice to do what they do.  When I am healthy I look at their 375 back squat and am inspired to go hit my 205.  I am not them, I am me. I do not have their training, their genetics, their schedule, their goals.  I have mine.  THAT IS WHAT I HAVE TO WORK WITH.

HEAD OVER TO INSTAGRAM AND CHECK OUT MY INSPIRATION LADIES. All very inspirational to me on different levels.








Go look at other women as inspiration and be careful you are NOT comparing yourself to them.  Be grateful and hungry for progress simultaneously my friends.

Have grace for yourself & LET’S DO THIS!

P.S. I would love to see who you use for motivation! Tag them or leave their social media name in the comments! 


I tricked you, just a bit.

We are indeed talking about rump shaping today. Rather than three different exercises we are going to go over three variations of the same exercise, which can be done in ONE workout.

The umbrella name is known as the GLUTE HAM RAISE.

Side note: most glute exercises are going to recruit the hamstrings as well.

The three variations work on stressing different areas of the glutes and hammies.




This is the most basic of the three.  This variation is the smallest range of motion and a good starting point if you have never preformed a glute bridge or glute ham raise.  Your weight should be in your heel and your foot should be directly under your knee or out in front of you just a pinch. You should squeeze your glute at the top for full hip extension and all movement should result from your glutes and hammies.  This is the most hamstring dominant of the three movements.  It is also an exercise in my 6 Week Bodyweight Transformation.





By elevating the back, we have increased the range of motion, recruiting more heavily on the glutes.  You can play with foot placement in order to feel the exercise more in your hamstrings or glutes. I like to have my foot directly under my knee in the top position.  With all of these you want to focus on mind muscle connection to make sure the correct muscles are doing the work.  This variation is one of the leg exercises in my 6 Week Dumbbell Transformation.


VARIATION #3 – {my favorite + what has proven to increase booty growth the most for me}



This variation is the most advanced and is UH-MAZING for the glute growth if you’re trying to get on that train.  It is also part of my 6 Week Barbell Transformation.  It is VERY important with this movement that you have a pad under or around the bar to protect your hips and pelvis.  Your core should be tight, with your ribs pinned down.  Building a booty is great, but protecting the spine is even cooler.  So make sure your spine stays neutral from your upperback to your tailbone. Lastly, CONTROL THE WEIGHT. 

There you have it my friend.  Feel free to try all three in one workout if you wish.  You can also take a peek at my 6 Week Transformation options if these three exercises speak to your flex soul. 

P.S. If you give these puppies a try or have any further questions, please leave comments below!  I would love to hear from you and your booty building lady friends!