Today is all about FEAR + SAVINGS.

If you have been following me for a while, you know I am a straight shooter and want women to feel educated and empowered through strength and fitness.

Commercial gyms can be VERY intimidating if you are not savvy in a gym environment. You feel like every eye in the facility is glued to you.  You don’t know what you’re doing and EVERYONE knows it + they are TOTALLY JUDGING YOU.  So you stick to your usual elliptical routine. You might do 10 minutes on three different cardio machines, and then you leave. But Lord Baby Jesus in Heaven you are NOT stepping foot in the free weights area. NOPE. NOT TUHHH-DAAAYYY.

Ever feel that way?

I want to help you decrease your CGF – “Commercial Gym Fear.” {Yes I made this up}

Over the course of 2016/2017 I created a product to bridge the gap between my 20 Day Challenge and Personalized Online Membership.  In the 20 day challenge, you exercise in your home with no weights, while most personalized programs are designed for a public gym setting, primarily in the free-weights area {enter CGF for most women}.

I needed a transition that would help women get past the CGF and closer to achieving their goals.


6 WEEK TRANSFORMATIONThree levels:  Bodyweight, Dumbbell and Barbell

You can literally go from one to the next, mastering solid movement patterns while increasing strength, muscle growth, and CONFIDENCE.  Exercise videos are provided for each and every exercise in ALL programs so that you have a constant visual guide. You focus on your program and form rather than the hawk-eye-judgers.  {Air-five}

So we talked about FEAR…What about the SAVINGS?!


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Say no to CGF and start your 6 Week Transformation today.


“I want to weigh 120 pounds. Where the hell do women get this number from?”

I recently talked about this with Steph Gaudreau for the Women's Strength Summit {starts tomorrow, May 15th, BTW - read this whole thing, get inspired, and get free access to the Summit} 

I had this UH-MAZING female nutrition professor in college. You know, one of those ladies who descended from heaven to teach what she was SO INSANELY passionate about?...

...That was her.

She was 5’ 8’ and a solid 160 pounds…and she wasn’t afraid to let you know.

Her lesson revolved around WEIGHT, SHAPE, AND SIZE. If you follow me on Instagram @fitdesignbyannie then you know I stand by this philosophy and make a point to share it with others.


Are you an apple shape? Pear? Rectangle? Hour-glass?

Do you have a big bone structure? Medium? Dainty?

Where is most of your fat distributed? Where do you gain muscle easily?

Be real with yourself.


Every man and woman has a natural weight, shape and size. We all have a number our body wants to sit at, a bone structure, height and fat/muscle distribution.  Take me for example.

I have no hips.

Unless I pop out a baby anytime soon, I won’t have hips.  My bone structure is a rectangle.  I can’t change that.  I can however change my MUSCLE {see below}.

Both of the photos below where taken with a 7 year gap between them.  I was 19 in both before - left - photos.  I was 26 in the after - right - photos.


I know, I know, you’re thinking, “Damn those genetics.” 

I have had clients who are the worlds definition of “healthy.” I mean really well rounded women – flat stomach, round solid booty, toned arms and back. You get the picture.  But these women want to lose that last 5 pounds.  WHY?!! If your body is sitting at 135 maybe THAT IS WHAT YOU SHOULD WEIGH! 

If you’re living a truly healthy balanced lifestyle...

maybe you just need to accept your body weight, shape, and size.   

If you are overweight with a bad body composition (body fat %), then there is obviously work that can be done. I am referring to your natural weight, shape and size if you are exercising, eating well and living a healthy lifestyle.


This is not a depressing post I swear!!! Stick with me!

You CAN change some things. 

You CAN manipulate muscle and metabolism.  Take me for example.  I used to be a TWIG, and now, I am much more well-rounded due to YEARS of lifting heavy and eating more protein {and food in general}.  If I chose to be a runner, my legs would be much smaller, my butt would disappear and I would be about 10 pounds lighter {I've done it before - it's no good}. 

That is powerful. You can change your body shape and density – the way your muscle looks on your bone structure – based on your exercise medium. 



Accept your weight, shape and size, love what you do, and keep reaching your fitness goals my friend.


If you really want to make a change + for your mind to explode, I have a free pass to the Women's Strength Summit just for you.  

Training with a purpose can do UH-MAZING things for a woman and her body.

Learn about the following when you get your FREE PASS!

Here's some of the super powerful talks you'll see:


  • 3 Common Mental Traps That Lead to Self-Sabotage (Allegra Stein)
  • Screw The Hustle: Unplug, Slow Down & Heal Your Body (Beth Manos Brickey)


  • Ditch Dieting Forever & Create the Perfect Plan For You (Cassy Joy Garcia)
  • How Do I Eat for My Goals if I’m a Woman Who Works Out? (Laura Bruner)

Movement (Where I cover this topic! eek!)

  • Tips for Building Strong Muscle in the Gym (Without Getting Bulky) (Annie Miller)
  • Why Sitting's Making it Harder to Have Energy, Lose Weight & Feel Awesome (Juliet Starrett)

Women's Health

  • Post-Birth Control Syndrome Dangers Your Doctor’s Not Telling You About (Dr. Jolene Brighten)
  • Menopause: Learn to Nourish Your Transforming Body & Hormones So You Stay Slim, Sane, and Sexy (Dr. Anna Cabeca)

Empowerment & Leadership

  • Why Feminism Isn't a Dirty Word...and What It Really Means (Neghar Fonooni)
  • How to Become a Confident Boss at Work or Home (Danielle Natoni)

I can't wait to hear these incredible speakers!


Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you at the Summit.



P.S. Maybe you have a lady who friend who needs some perspective on her body and how beautiful and wonderfully it was made. Tag her in the comments below and share your take away with us!!! xoxo



Oh my gosh YES.  If I am being completely honest, I am not a huge fan of this fact but I cannot deny it. {cry face}

Nutrition is THE BOSS.

I love this old graphic…I found it years ago and it hurt my soul a little bit because I know how true it is.

I cannot preach against it. While exercise is SO IMPORTANT on so many levels, if you're looking for physical results, look at your fuel source.

30% WORKOUT-  70% DIET (or nutrition)

I could stand to push for a slightly more balanced percentage but nutrition is the larger portion no matter how you roll it out.

On the subject of abs, below are two photos of me before and after my 20 Day Challenges.  Even me, a fit, strong 20-something your old can be effected by proper nutritional intake and timing.

Yes, I have abs in both.  It is harder to make changes to a body which is already in shape, but that is my point here!  I am flexing in both photos as hard as I can {slightly embarrassing}. For 20 days I did not alter my training at all.  Only my nutrition.

It is CRAZY what food can do to our bodies for better or worse.

If you have ever felt like you are putting in all the work, training your butt off, but not seeing the results, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

It more likely than not is in your fuel source my friend.  Check-it-y check out your nutrition.

You want abs? Less cellulite? A smaller waist? To have more energy? A clearer mind? To not crave all the carbs as night?  I am with you girlfran.

That’s why I invite you to join me for 20 days of EDUCATION, ACTION AND CHANGE.

Join the ladies who have come before you and see their photos below. Challenge details here.

Their stories are not unique.  But they are REAL.  Here are just a few ladies who have completed my 20 Day Challenge.  As you have heard me say before…I don’t care about the scale. I don’t know how much weight these ladies lost, but I know their bodies and their minds CHANGED in a positive way.  Something I think we can agree is AWESOME.

Experience the 70% {plus workouts of course} and sign up today my friend. Doors close in one week.

P.S. Growth is way more fun with a friend. Tag a girlfran in the comments who is looking for real change, education and support.