Sustainable Results.

Faster metabolism.

Better Sleep.

A flatter/smaller mid section.

A Lifestyle Change.

More self love/confidence.

Tools to be successful POST CHALLENGE. 


The best part about this challenge is that it is REAL. It's not a quick fix, it's not a ploy to buy products, YOU yourself are making the decision to consciously make your lifestyle better!! 

My biggest take away was that the scale doesn't define me, & that there are SO many ways to fuel my body in a healthy way. I don't have the cravings for salty carbs & feel so much more energized! - JAMIE


DO IT! For $20, it is an absolutely AMAZING deal. The knowledge you get both before and during the challenge, the workouts and the communication you get with Annie and the FB group are 100% worth it. 

Thank you Annie, for leading the Challenge and putting in all your hard work! :) - JESSICA

I thing the best part about this challenge was all the information we were able to learn from. From all the videos we had access to, to the information Annie gave us backing up what she wanted us to do. We weren't just given instructions with no reason why we are doing it. - LIANNA


The best part was that you are so real and care about each of us. I feel like that makes a huge difference to people when they are trying to make lifestyle changes and you have helped it make it so much easier for me.  The motivation and support is huge. So thank you! - MERISSA

I don't crave sweets as much and my willpower is WAY stronger. I'm doing a pageant in September and am going to continue this lifestyle !! I also started takinG the garden of life supplements! They rock! Thanks, Annie! Keep being a game changer !! - GRACE

"I learned a lot from this challenge, especially on the Nutrition side, and feel that it will be a habit of good eating from here on out. My sugar cravings are gone and I came to realize how much sugar was in all the foods I ate." – LINDA
"It was great to learn things that are healthy for me to eat and loose weight. I can see the difference in myself and others are noticing too. In fact Charles' teacher told me I look amazing and asked what I eat and how much I work out.  Thank you Annie for helping me get onto the path of happiness." - KRISTIN
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"When I sent you my before pics it was a HUGE wake up call for me.  Shoot...I've NEVER had to worry about my weight before. I'm seeing results and feeling really good.  I've learned to read labels and love the at home workouts that I can do whenever the girls are cooperating." -  ANGELA

20 day challenge winner!

20 Day Challenge and in person training

20 Day Challenge and in person training

20 day challenge participant

"This was yet again a wonderful experience!!! I love that your challenges push me to further heights and pull me from my comfort zone....My results are AWESOME! My tummy is flatter (of course from the sugar reduction and ab work!!!) and my booty is lifted." - JAMIE
"I grew more in the way of education on food. This portion of your challenge was very intriguing to me. I have never known how to read a label regarding hidden sugar. My eyes have been opened wide. You gave me tools to see past the no sugar claim and look deeper." - VANESSA
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"THANK YOU SO MUCH! Doing these workouts and challenges with you over the past eight months has been truly life changing. I am literally in better shape than I have ever been. I have more muscle and strength, lower body fat and healthier exercise and diet habits than any other time in my life." - KRYSTINA
"I had no clue what I was doing in the department of nutrition.  I learned SO MUCH from your 20 day challenge!! The nutrition info and videos was exactly what I needed.  I lost just over 5 lbs and inches (just not exactly sure how much and probably would have been helpful to measure) just by making a few easy changes to my diet!" - CARRIE

"Overall this program changed everything for me! It was the best $$ I ever spent and worth well more than the cost!!!  I am stronger, feel more energized, happier, feel I can tackle stress on a better level, and just feel more intellectual.  Thank you for all of it!!" - CARRIE

I grew in knowledge of foods that are good for you and what are not. I've always known that I want a healthy family, but this challenge has made it easier for me.   I feel like I'm doing my body a favor. I'm trying to train my taste buds and it's been so worth it! - Avrey
"Thanks Annie, I really truly "get it" this time. I'm down 20lb from where I started in November, this really helped keep me motivated and add the exercise piece into the eating portion which is of course the ongoing battle." - Charmaine

This challenge has been just what I've needed for so long. It has changed the way I view food & even myself...Almost everything I ate was bad for me & resulted in stomach problems. Since doing this challenge, I've had zero!  . It has made me feel so much better about myself as a whole. Thank you so much Annie Miller! - CAITLIN

I feel great! Well, I am feeling more like myself, but with a more positive outlook. I was wayyyyy too hard on myself before. I can see the lifestyle change working. - TERESA

First - THANK YOU Annie sooo much for sharing your knowledge and passion!! It has really catapulted me into a healthier version of myself. So, I am feeling stronger and healthier :) the biggest take away for me has been the structure.. I love the simplicity of the workouts and how I can continue doing them after the challenge is over - and I plan to do so!! - LAUREN

I've noticed clothes fitting better and for the 1st time in forever... gone 15 days without stepping on a scale (had a hard time avoiding the scale in the beginning) and during this challenge I've cut about 2 minutes off my average mile. - JAEMA

Annie you have definitely helped open the door to a healthy, balanced lifestyle where i am learning to not feel guilty about the foods that i eat, but actually feel confident that i am fueling and feeding my body with the foods it wants and needs. - KYNDELL


"When I finished my 6 week transformation, I felt invincible! I got so much stronger during the program, and I can see it both how I look and in how I feel. The best part? I had a lot of fun in the process. The workouts in the program are fun, and designed in a way that I could tell from week to week that I was getting results. Annie was always readily available to take my questions and support me through this 6 weeks journey. I definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to quick start their strength journey. It takes sweat and work, but the rewards are priceless. I've reconnected to my body and strength, and I'm ready for more!" - FABIANA




"My decision to train with Annie was probably one of the best (and smartest) decisions I have made in a while" - Jen

"I have worked with 2 other coaches before you. And let's just say you are ONE MILLION times more helpful, educated and organized.  I don't really know how to put a price on something that I just feel like everyone NEEDS." - Miranda


This is Teresa after her first month of PERSONALIZED PROGRAM online training. :)

Tori after 12 weeks of online training! 

Shana after 12 weeks of online training. Not stopping here!


SEE VIDEO COMPARISONS BELOW - "I have been working with Annie for about 5 months consistently now and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am really good about starting a program and never sticking to it. Annie has made it easy to stick with this program and see results. She even worked with me when I injured my knee. She put together progressions to get my knee rehabbed and stronger and functional again. I went from not being able to squat at all in January to being able to max out at 165 pounds at the beginning of April. I'm so pleased and proud of what I have accomplished with Annie's help. I'm looking forward to the progress to be made in the upcoming months!" - Taylor


"When I started back into training I lacked motivation and hated creating my own programs (cue Annie)...Annie is an artist and each client is a blank canvas that she helps mold into a success." - Kelsey

"The amount of work you put into designing a specific program just for me, communication with me via Fitbot and text and email and posting in IG - girl you go above and beyond - it's the next best thing to having you right next to me in the gym (which would be awesome!). What you offer with all your programs is hands down the next best thing to hiring a PT in the gym and training with that person directly" - Jessica


This is Skylar after 12 weeks of training for her figure competition.

Skylar did a 20 week prep period for her first figure competition and these are her results. :)


SEE VIDEO BELOW: 12 month member, Miranda had a rough go with deadlifts in the beginning.  Feeling the technique and keeping the bar close to her was difficult.  She was patient, and trusted the process. In this video progression you will see her go from 135lbs to 185lbs and has since pulled 205lbs for three.  

"Thank you for all your help. I probably don't tell you enought but you motivate me a TON plus it's so nice to have my workouts handed to me by someone so educated and caring. You're the best! And I feel strong, so thank you. You are very good at what you do."


"She got me in better shape than when I was running and has built up my balance, strength and endurance with an exercise program that is both doable and fun...Best investment I have made in a long time." - Val


This is the beautiful Alicia after her three months of pageant prep via a PERSONALIZED PROGRAM. :)




"Annie has written programs that align with my goals and take into account everything that I want to incorporate in my workouts...and sets a great example by practicing what she preaches."  - Noel


This is Aliy after 3 weeks of my 12 week GENERAL PROGRAM. :)

Asia after 6 weeks

Asia after 6 weeks

This is Aliy after 12 weeks of my GENERAL PROGRAM online training.